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Jaime Y Los Chamacos offer reward for return of stolen tour van, trailer with equipment

Jaime Y Los Chamacos are offering a $1000 reward for the return of their tour van and trailer filled with their equipment, after it was stolen in Houston, Texas on Sunday (Oct. 28).

Frontman Jaime DeAnda took to social media to ask for help in locating the stolen property, that was taken near IH-10 East near Market Street Sunday afternoon.

“Anybody knows or see anything, please let us know,” he said in a video posted on the group’s official Facebook page. “I appreciate everyone that’s talking, that’s sharing our page. Other musicians out there, we know how it feels, those are our working tools. We worked hard for so many years to get what we have and it hurts to lose it, just like that.”

DeAnda gave some details to help locate the stolen property, including where the vehicles were last seen, at the Fiesta store off IH-45 and Airline Road, heading to north towards Dallas. He added, that a black Chevrolet Impala with three Hispanic men, may be involved in the theft.

“Please keep an eye, please look around, let people know,” he said. “Our white van and trailer has all our stuff in it. We just need out tools to work, it’s our life, it’s our work.”

If seen, contact local law enforcement or DeAnda with information for the $1000 reward, no questions asked for the return of the band’s touring van, trailer and equipment.

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