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Tortilla Factory welcomes new female lead vocalist Lia G, announces pregnancy

Lia G | Courtesy photo

Tortilla Factory announced singer Lia G has joined the legendary band as female lead vocalist.

Lia G, also known as Lia Branly, joins the three-time Grammy nominated band after recording as a solo artist and releasing her debut EP, Se Feliz, in 2016.

“I am so excited to be working with such a legendary band like Tortilla Factory,” Lia G told Tejano Nation. “I cant wait for everyone to hear the new music we have been working on. Tortilla Factory has always been known to mix different stylistic music together and I love this. It’s a beautiful thing as an artist to be expressive with your own style and be taken in with such open arms by this legendary band.”

The singer from Burbank, California, grew up in a musically rich family, where her grandparents were singers and her mother a Tropicana dancer and singer. Music has always been a part of Lia’s life and her idol was late Latin music icon Selena.

Lia G is currently working on her debut single with Tortilla Factory that will be produced by 14-time Grammy winning producer Gilbert Velasquez.

Another big surprise, Alfredo Antonio Guerrero, lead vocalist and leader of Tortilla Factory, and Lia G are expecting a baby.

Alfredo Antonio Guerrero and Lia G are expecting a baby. | Courtesy photo

“I know Tony ‘Ham’ Guerrero and Bobby Butler, a.k.a. ‘Charro Negro’ are our angels up in heaven guiding us,” Guerrero old Tejano Nation. “We are currently working on our next album, where Lia and I will be re-recording all of Tortilla Factory’s greatest hits.”

Tortila Factory plan to record their next album with producers in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. The Tortilla Factory legacy continues.

Learn more about Lia G at her offical website, www.LiaBranly.com.

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WATCH: Lia G (Branly) ‘Se Feliz’ EPK





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