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Joe Lopez lie detector test results revealed

Joe Lopez

The results of a lie detector test with Joe Lopez have been revealed.

News Center 23 reports the results say the former Tejano singer did not have sex with his teenage niece, a crime he was convicted of in 2006 and spent more than decade in prison.

Lopez was asked questions about the crimes, but the questions are confidential and part of Lopez’s writ of habeas corpus as his legal team works toward exoneration.

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Sandra Vallejo, manager for Lopez, says the results determine that he is telling the truth.

“Joe is an innocent man,” Vallejo told News Center 23 reporter Derick Garcia. “He did not commit this crime and that he literally served almost 12 years in prison for something he did not do.”

A polygraph and a sex evaluation are required six months after a convict is discharged from prison, according to News Center 23.

The DNA results that also helped to convict Lopez are also being retested, but results of those tests have yet to be released.

Lopez was released on parole in March, but he is not a free man. After more than 11 years in prison, the co-founder of Grammy winning group Mazz, has to wear an ankle monitor and spend most of his time inside. He is under extensive supervision with limited time out of his home, for now.

See the full story from News Center 23 here.

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2 comments on “Joe Lopez lie detector test results revealed

  1. Adela DeLaGarza

    Similar thing happened to a nephew of mine. He married a young woman with 3 kids [2 boys/1 girl). She had previously had an affair with a married man & that was the result. They later had 3 kids of their own (3 girls(. Unbeknownst to my nephew, his wife continued the relationship with the father of her first children. By then she chose to get rid of my nephew by having her children accuse my nephew of molesting them. The girl accused him of being forced to perform oral #@%. Of course this meant she would Not be required to provide physical evidence. Very clever on this womans part. When judge asked the young girl where the d#%k was located she said she didn’t know. Still they put my nephew behind bars with a atiff sentence. My father, who is my nephews grandfather, is retired & he enjoyed going to sit outside HEB store in Elsa & people watch. Well while my nephew was still married to this woman my dad said he saw her arrive at the store arm & arm with another man who was not my nephew. My nephew is a long distance tractor trailer truck driver so he was out of town doing his job. My father never said anything. Didn’t wanna cause problems in their marriage he said, smh. Now he regrets it. They gave my nephew 18 yrs behind bars. She even took the kids to see him afterwards. Who does this? If it were true no sane person takes their kids to visit the man who harmed them. Later she wanted a divorce so the state of Tx asked for DNA of the 3 kids she had during their marriage. She then tried to back out of her request, but the state demanded DNA samples. Well lo & behold, the youngest child was NOT my nephews. To me this is PROOF of motive behind her hideous accusations. What does this have to do with Joe Lopez case you might ask. Well it just goes to prove that there are indeed evil people out there that will do & say anything to harm others when it suits THEIR needs!


  2. Laura Mendes

    I’m disgusted from what I just read, Sandra Vallejo and Joe Lopez banging! Just looking at her looks like her vajeyjey smells fiiiiiiiishy!


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