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BTS Band releases ‘Tomando Mil Copas’ collaboration ft. Emanuel J and Ruben Cubillos

BTS Band has released a collaboration with Emanuel J, Ruben Cubillos | Courtesy photo

A new Tejano co-lab of a classic Latin Breed song brings together three bands from two states to produce an amazing collaboration for all of Tejano Nation.

Colorado-based BTS Band featuring Emanuel J has released “Tomando Mil Copas,” with former Latin Breed vocalist Ruben Cubillos and two members of the horn section from LA•45, John Ontiveros and Leonardo Téllez. It was produced by 14-time Grammy winning producer Gilbert Velasquez.

The collaboration bridges two generations of Tejano fans and shows that music has no boundaries.

“What’s important is not so much about the song, but the story behind it,” BTS Band said in a Facebook post. “It’s about bringing back the fun, making music and bringing together two generations. It’s not about the song choice, but about bringing to life music that fuels our soul, it’s music I personally grew up with, but most importantly we want to capture the heart of the Tejano music lovers and for the greater good of the culture.”

BTS means Behind The Scenes and the scenes behind this collaboration are definitely a recipe for success. This is the second single released by BTS Band, it’s the follow-up to their debut single “Una Vez Mas,” released earlier this year.

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LISTEN: “Tomando Mil Copas” — BTS Band ft. Emanuel J & Ruben Cubillos





1 comment on “BTS Band releases ‘Tomando Mil Copas’ collaboration ft. Emanuel J and Ruben Cubillos

  1. Johnny O. Limon

    Great Sound! Great Vocals! Proud to see young men continuing our Cultura!


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