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Destiny Navaira says Tejano music needs to ‘evolve’ in ‘Rueben Rambles’ interview

Destiny Navaira with Rueben Valdez | Rueben Rambles YouTube

Destiny Navaira says Tejano music needs to evolve for in an exclusive interview with “Rueben Rambles” YouTube channel.

The two-time Tejano Music Award winner spoke to “Rueben Rambles” host Rueben Valdez about her opinion on the needs for the Tejano music industry to grow.

“It was time I stated my opinion and thoughts on the industry and what I think needs to happen to continue the growth,” said Navaira about the interview on her Facebook page. “I am passionate about evolving Tejano music and I hope this helps spread the love I have to many more!”

In the 25-minute interview posted on Sunday, Navaira also spoke about taking Tejano to the next level with the wave of new artists and bridging the gap between older Tejano generation and the next generation of Tejanos.

“Bringing this genre up as a whole and relaying to, not just the fans, but my fellow artists, to people in the industry, that we can make this big again,” she said. “We need to open our eyes and we need to evolve and that’s the biggest thing. The evolution of this music could be so much quicker and so much faster, if we figure out a way to get out, I’m not saying throw away the classics…believe me, I can listen to old Mazz, to old (La) Mafia, old Emilio all day long…but we need to realize that, maybe, because it doesn’t sound like that music, doesn’t mean that it’s not our genre. Evolution that’s the theme of this talk.”

Navaira is a member of Grupo Remedio, a band that also features her brother Rigo Navaira. and is the next generation of the Navaira musical family. She is the daughter of Raulito Navaira. and niece of late Tejano icon Emilio Navaira.

Remedio swept the new artist categories at the 2016 Tejano Music Awards, winning “Best New Group,” “Best New Female” for Destiny and “Best New Male” for Rigo after the release of their debut album Siempre Cantando.  The band has since released another album, Alivia Tu Corazón, and are currently working on their next album.

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Watch: Destiny Navaira interview on Rueben Rambles

1 comment on “Destiny Navaira says Tejano music needs to ‘evolve’ in ‘Rueben Rambles’ interview

  1. Carlos A. Garcia

    Destiny Navaira is right on. Tejano music needs to evolve. Country went to Texas country and now the new country. Along with new beats we get musicians who entertain the crowd by with choreographed dancing and more. When I go to a tejano dance its the same old same old.


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