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Sarah Monique gets emotional over fan’s viral video performance of ‘Esta Noche Te Olvido’ [VIDEO]

Sarah Monique | Courtesy photo

Sarah Monique posted an emotional video on Facebook this week over a viral video of special fan’s performance of her hit song “Esta Noche Te Olvido.”

The viral video of Stacie Hernandez belting out the title track from Sarah Monique’s new album has garnered over 850 shares and 55,000 views since it was posted by Julio Rios on August 6. Family members have been posting videos of Hernandez, a 30-year-old blind woman from Robstown, Texas, singing songs by country star Miranda Lambert, as well as Sarah Monique.

“I am in my car crying,” Sarah Monique said during the Facebook Live video. “I just got a video of a fan, Stacie Hernandez, and let me tell you, you sing beautiful and you have touched my heart in such a way, I never expected.”

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Sarah Monique asked fans to connect the singer with Hernandez.

“I’m overwhelmed by happiness and I feel so touched and blessed by this,” she said. “I would love for you to come and sing ‘Esta Noche Te Olvido’ with me.”

The two have since connected and Hernandez will sing a duet with Sarah Monique at an album release party at Prim’s Place in Alamo, Texas on August 11.

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WATCH: Stacie Hernandez sings “Esta Noche Te Olvido”



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