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Beatriz Gonzalez releases official music video for ‘Cuando El Destino’

Beatriz Gonzalez | Courtesy photo

Rising singer and viral video sensation Beatriz Gonzalez has released the official music video for her latest single, “Cuando El Destino,” a cover of the classic mariachi song.

The visual features Gonzalez belting out her version of the classic mariachi tune while taking shots of tequila.

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“Cuando El Destino,” written by José Angel Jiménez and has been covered by many singers, including Pedro Infante, is the latest release from La Tequilera Vol. 1, the new EP from Gonzalez released in May 2018.

Gonzalez became a viral sensation in November 2017 when a video of the singer belting out an impromptu performance of the mariachi classic “Los Laureles”  at the famous San Antonio eatery Mi Tierra garnered millions of views, currently at over 22 million views.

The singer’s five-song EP, La Tequilera Vol. 1, features covers of classic mariachi hits and is available now at SilentGiantEntertainment.com and all major digital platforms.

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WATCH: “Cuando El Destino” — Beatriz Gonzalez




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