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Sarah Monique releases Mariachi-filled ‘Esta Noche Te Olvido’ album

Sarah Monique released her highly-anticipated new album Esta Noche Te Olvido on May 31. The Mar Records release was under the direction of songwriter and producer Gerardo Alvarez, showcasing a strong Mariachi sound featuring the accordion.

The album peaked at #19 on the iTunes Top Latin Albums chart In less than 24 hours of its release. The album was conceived by Sarah Monique, Alvarez and Mar Records CEO Marina Morales.

“Each song was carefully selected by my team and I,” Sarah Monique told Tejano Nation. “This album starts off with me hurting and still strongly loving the person that said goodbye, leaving me shattered but quickly transitioning into that strong woman the Lord designed me to be; getting my dignity and strength back.”

“Each and every song has a special meaning and each song is extremely relatable and I hope my fans can connect with,” Sarah Monique added. “Some songs were sung in complete darkness, some songs made me breakdown more than others, and some gave me strength and comfort. Getting back into the studio after an extremely public break up, was the best thing that I could’ve done. There isn’t a song in this album I didn’t pour my heart and soul into. I am extremely blessed and thankful for my label and everyone involved in the project.”

“Fuertemente,” “Me Vale,” and the album’s title track were the songs Sarah Monique stated she connected to the most.

“Although ‘En Esta Tumba’ isn’t part of my personal story, it was for many of my fans that lost their mother which is why it’s part of this album,” she said. “I dedicate this album to anyone that is needing strength after losing a loved one.”

Esta Noche Te Olvido consists of 10 songs, six originals, four of them written by multi-Latin Grammy nominees Alvarez and Miguel A. Lopez. The album features collaborations with Shelly Lares and the legendary Juan Villareal  of Los Chachorros. Two of the songs are covers, “Fuertemente“ written by Óscar Iván Trevino and “Es Demasiado Tarde“ written by Ana Gabriel. The album is available now for purchase on all digital outlets.

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WATCH: “Esta Noche Te Olvido” — Sarah Monique



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