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Manager for Joe Lopez gives latest update on singer [VIDEO]

Fans of Joe Lopez got the latest update on the singer from his manager, Sandra Vallejo, in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

In the nearly 30 minute video broadcast live on Facebook, Vallejo told Super Tejano 102.1 morning personality Mando San Roman about when fans may expect Lopez back on stage, working towards exoneration for the former Mazz singer and more, including the ownership of the Mazz name.

RELATED: Legal team for Joe Lopez plans retesting of DNA evidence for exoneration

The legal team is fighting to clear his name and plans to retest DNA evidence that helped convict the singer and sent him to prison in 2006 for sex crimes against his niece.

Lopez was released on parole in March, but he is not a free man. After more than 11 years in prison, the co-founder of Grammy winning group Mazz, has to wear an ankle monitor and spend most of his time inside. He is under extensive supervision with limited time out of his home, for now.

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1 comment on “Manager for Joe Lopez gives latest update on singer [VIDEO]

  1. Laura Mendes

    I hope to sweet Jesus the rumors aren’t true, that Joe Lopez is sleeping with Sandra Vallejo, come on dude, no one is that desperate!


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