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Jimencio returns with two versions of new single ‘Hasta Mi Final’ [AUDIO]

 Jimencio has returned with two versions of his new single “Hasta Mi Final,” his first release after a three year hiatus from music.

“After three long years I am finally releasing music again,” Jimencio told Tejano Nation. “This experience for me, with this particular song, was unlike any other. Working with amazing people like Josue Alaniz, Richard Rosales from Grupo Siggno and David Garza to complete this project made it unique in itself and is now one of my favorites.”

The release features two versions of the single, an acoustic version and Norteño version.

“The decision to release two versions of the song came from how beautifully the song was written,” Jimencio added. “I wanted to give it the attention to detail it deserved and I feel that we accomplished that. This isn’t the typical style you’d hear from me, but I wanted to be true to myself and create music that my people could love!”

Jimencio released his EP, Mi Ultima Disculpa, on July 6, 2015, that featured a mix of club cumbias and Latin pop hits. He plans to release more music in the near future.

“More music will come,” he said. “I want to thank all who has continued to stick by my side throughout this three year quiet period. I am forming the band again and going to get on the road as soon as possible.”

Both versions of “Hasta Mi Final” are available now at all major digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: Jimencio — “Hasta Mi Final” (Versión Norteña)



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