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Marcus Daniels releases official video for ‘Quiero Saber’ featuring Fidencia Lopez

Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave Facebook

Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave released the official music video for their latest single, “Quiero Saber” featuring Fidencia Lopez on Tuesday.

The bilingual track, produced by Sotero Seniceros, is a remake of the 1984 hit “I Want To Know What Love Is” by rock band Foreigner.

“It’s a progressive conjunto song and it’s a throwback to the 80s,” Daniels said. “It turned out really well and I’m excited about the video.”

Lopez talked about how the duo first met, “I was at a restaurant one night and was asked to sing with the band that was singing and Marcus heard me and here I am.”

“Quiero Saber” is Lopez’s debut into the Tejano music industry and

“He sent me the song and I absolutely loved it,” she said. “He asked if I would record it with him and I said ‘Yes’ and it went really good. We loved it so much that we decided that we would do a video.”

Daniels has been compared to the late “El Charro Negro” Bobby Butler and Dee Burleson of Culturas, two African-American vocalists that have had great success in the Tejano industry. He says, “These are great artists. I look up to them and thanks for the compliment.”

Perdido Amor is currently available for download at all major media outlets and available at TexSoundPublishing.com. The album features nine tracks including the singles “Un Dolor“, a duet with Aisha titled “Siempre“,  and a tribute cover of “El Papalote“.  The disc was primarily produced by Seniceros, with additional production from Mario Vigil and Gabriel Zavala.

Learn more about Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave at their official Facebook page, @MarcusDanielsYAlgoSuave.

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WATCH: Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave — “Quiero Saber” featuring Fidencia Lopez

1 comment on “Marcus Daniels releases official video for ‘Quiero Saber’ featuring Fidencia Lopez

  1. Foreigner Should Sue:
    Attempts to make good Tejano music is so weak now a days and this “song” is a perfect example.
    Was there even an effort to at the least match the words/concept of the lyrics, it is possible you know. The only familiarity is the english part. The articulation of the spanish lyrics is almost non-existant. I guess the producer does not have as good an ear as he should.

    The producer/director of the video needs to go back to school or Go to school if didn’t.
    Mr. Daniels should have at least turned to witness the commotion of a couple arguing and the breaking of the pot. The editor should have matched the lip syncing, obviously not looking or didn’t care. AND, whats with the kids in the background? Adults in choir wardrobe would have had a better impact and in an interior (that means inside) setting would been ideal. YES, it is possible for a good director and editor to produce as good a video as the ones Selena made EVEN on a small budget. BUT, you get what you pay for. And you can bet that Professional directors and editors are saying much worse if not just laughing at it.

    I’m not trying to be a deek, if you think so, thats on you. I’m just providing what I hope is taken as constructive criticism, even if I’m not a “media professional” or “manager” of anything. But what i am is a Tejano fan and a consumer and am just pointing out what is obvious,
    BUT WHAT DO I KNOW? Don’t hate me,I’m just an honest and sincere preek who has to put up with this poop.
    Why? Because I love Tejano music but GOOD Tejano music. IF, such a thing could be.
    :o( ???


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