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Marcus Daniels and Aisha release ‘Siempre’ duet [AUDIO]


Marcus Daniels and Aisha have released their duet, “Siempre,” a Spanish remake of the 1987 hit “Always” from Atlantic Starr.

The duo’s collaboration was produced by Sotero Soniceros and was the idea of one of the duo’s huge supporters.

“We had spoke about singing together in the past, a Prince song because of an idea that was brought up by one of our huge supporters from an internet radio station,” Aisha told Tejano Nation. “Since we both loved music from the 80’s, I suggested we do a remake of the song ‘Always’ by Atlantic Starr and translate it to Spanish. Marcus’ producer loved the idea and the rest was history.”

The project brought together two of Tejano music’s rising singers.

“Definitely excited how this project came together, it was a pleasure working with Aisha,” Daniels told Tejano Nation. “If fans like this one they are going to love the full sophomore CD.”

“Siempre” is available for download now at and will be included on Daniels’ upcoming sophomore album scheduled for release this fall.

LISTEN: “Siempre” — Marcus Daniels featuring Aisha

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