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Anjelique and The Sweet City band release third album ‘Propósito’

It's the third album for band from Sweetwater, Texas featuring 10 tracks.

Anjelique and The Sweet City Band have released their highly-anticipated new album, Propósito, on Tuesday.

It’s the third album for the band from Sweetwater, Texas and features 10 tracks, including the hit singles, “La Otra,” “Amigos,” and “Mi Vida Loca.”

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“It is an amazing work of art with talented producers and songwriters which include Jimmy Garcia, Esteven Cerda, Shelly Lares, Jason Martinez, Elias Barrera, Jeremy Rangel, Gabriel Zavala, as well as a collaboration with my son Isak Alvarez,” said Anjelique about the new alubm in a Facebook post. “Every song we put in this CD has a purpose.”

The album will also feature a beautiful duet with Shelly Lares entitled “Yo Te Extranare”. Anjelique and Lares both lost their fathers in the same year and this song is a tribute to those who we have lost in life but not forever.

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Anjelique believes her fans will love the new album, as well as bring new fans to her music.

“It’s going to be a great album and, if you are an Anjelique fan, I think you’re going to fall in love with it, and if you don’t know who Anjelique and The Sweet City Band is, I think this album will make you a fan,” she said.

This is the first album for Anjelique since the release of The Second Act in 2014 which garnered her a nomination for Best New Female Artist at the 2015 Tejano Music Awards and Best New Group nomination for The Sweet City Band. Her debut album Regresa A Mi was released in 2002.

Propósito is available now at all major digital music platforms. Learn more about Anjelique at her official website www.AnjeliqueMusic.com.

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LISTEN: Propósito — Anjelique and The Sweet City Band




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