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VMB Music Group releases official statement on Ram Herrera RV crash

A recreational vehicle that was carrying Tejano music star Ram Herrera and a few others was involved in an accident early Sunday morning near Schertz, Texas.

Herrera was not injured but some acquaintances of the singer were hospitalized due to minor injuries, according to reports.

Herrera’s record label, VMB Music Group released a statement on the accident via Facebook on Sunday night.

We recently received a phone call from Ram updating us on the accident that occurred early this morning on their way back to San Antonio from Lockhart. According to Ram, the RV he was traveling in as a passenger suffered a tire blow-out. Thankfully the driver was able to maintain enough control of the vehicle which minimized the passengers injuries. Everyone in the RV walked away with minor injuries.

Ram would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and kind words. He is in good spirits & thankful to God for protecting them.

— VMB Music Group

Most of Herrera’s band members from The Outlaw Band traveled in separate vehicles after their performance in Lockhart and were not involved in the one vehicle accident.

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Ram Herrera tour bus | Courtesy photo

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