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Ram Herrera tour bus involved in accident after tire blowout

Ram Herrera | Courtesy photo

A tour bus carrying Ram Herrera and many others was involved in an accident after a tire blow out early Sunday morning. 

Herrera was not injured but some acquaintances of the singer were hospitalized due to minor injuries, according to reports.

Herrera was returning home after a performance in Lockhart, Texas when the driver lost control of the tour bus after the blown tire, ending up in a field just along IH-35 near the Schwab Road exit in Schertz, Texas. The RV’s windshield was obliterated when the vehicle impacted with road signs.

TejanoMusicVideos.com reports that a member of Herrera’s band, who was in a separate vehicle and not on the tour bus, posted details of the accident on Facebook.

“Thank you all for the prayers! Myself, Aaron our Drummer and Kike our Guitarist, traveled on our own, my Brother Danny and our crew, Anthony, and Ronnie, traveled together but were not in the bus. Ram was traveling in the bus with some other friends when they had a blowout and lost control and crashed into a field off I-35 some traveling in the bus have been taken to the hospital, thank you all for your continued prayers. God bless you all.”

This is still a developing story, Tejano Nation will have more details as they become available.

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Ram Herrera tour bus | Courtesy photo

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