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LaDezz release official music video for ‘Nunca Existió’

LaDezz | Facebook photo

LaDezz released the official video for their latest single, “Nunca Existió,” on Tuesday.

The visual features a couple looking at buying a new home, but plans fall a part after discovering a love that never existed.

LaDezz member Lisa Mar talked about the group’s latest single in a recent interview posted on the LaDezz Facebook page.

“Our new single, ‘Nunca Existió,’ is about a love that never existed,” she said. “Telling a story about a man, who fell in love, and thought it was love. She, as well, fell in love and thought it was love and it didn’t really exist. It was an illusion like every relationship that fails is. It’s an experience and that’s what it’s counted as, an experience, and move on.”

LaDezz is one of the hottest new bands in Tejano music, but members of the group have been around Tejano music for a number of years. La Dezz includes brothers Mark and David Ledesma, who were part of The Band for Jay Perez for many years, with Mark Ledesma later becoming the lead vocalist for David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales for 10 years.

“Nunca Existió” is just the latest single released from LaDezz, who don’t have plans to release a full album, just giving fans new music as soon as it’s produced and embracing the digital age of music.

LaDezz describe their music as “genuine” and their sound is truly original and they are masters of their craft.

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WATCH: “Nunca Existió” — LaDezz



1 comment on “LaDezz release official music video for ‘Nunca Existió’

  1. All I’m Asking Is:
    Can ANYONE in the tejano directing,producing, and editing industry do GOOD, quality videos??
    The regurgitation of shooting back ground concepts, outdoors, and showing the band members playing their instruments is already all to much.
    At least attempt to make effort to create something new. . . . please.
    Even I, a nobody, can see the obvious.
    Don’t hate, I’m not trying to be a deek, believe me, I can say worse, or better depending on how well constructive criticism is taken.
    Who am I to say things as such? No one, just a lover of Tejano music BUT, good Tejano music and art and yes I do stand by what I say (honesty IS the best policy) and trying to help.
    :o( infadel


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