Art Tigerina Band talk ‘No Te Olvidare’ single, Jimmy Gonzalez and more [VIDEO]

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Art Tigerina | Photo credit: Linda Valles

The Art Tigerina Band talked about their new single “No Te Ovlvidare,” the passing of Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez and more with Tejano Nation after a performance at the F.O.E. in Tucson, Arizona on June 8.

Frontman Art Tijerina and Eric “E-Rock” Avalos, producer and keyboard player for ATB, spoke with Tejano Nation contributor Fanny Gurl on the new single “No Te Ovidare” that was produced by Avalos and features upcoming artist Cortney Rico.

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They also shared their memories of Gonzalez, Avalos played accordion for Mazz during his career.

Tigerina also gave details on the band’s upcoming sophomore album.

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WATCH: Art Tigerina Band on new single, Jimmy Gonzalez and more




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