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Watch Stefani Montiel perform ‘Quien Quiere Shots’ in 360-degree video

Stefani Montiel | Photo credit: Ruben Saldana

Stefani Montiel has released what is believed to be the first ever 360-degree music video in Tejano music, as her performance of her massive hit “Quien Quiere Shots?” was filmed by a crew during a recent performance in Lubbock, Texas.  The video gives fans a complete view of her show from both onstage and with the crowd.

“I’m extremely excited to present this 360 virtual reality live performance,” Montiel told Tejano Nation. “It’s such an awesome experience and it will be pretty much like you’re there with us at the venue.”

The VR 360-degree video was filmed by Ruben Saldana during Montiel’s performance at Charley B’s in Lubbock on March 31.

“We’re always trying to raise the bar, always trying to stay relevant and kind of push the envelope,” said Montiel. “Give our fans something they’re not going to see anywhere else but with Stefani Montiel and we felt by doing this 360 video we are doing something that no one else has done.”

“Quien Quiere Shots?” is from Montiel’s hugely successful La Dueña album released in 2016.

She plans to release a new album soon with a new single expected to be released within a couple of weeks.

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WATCH: “Quien Quiere Shots” VR 360-degree video




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