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Grupo Pression release ‘Se Baila Así’ official music video

Grupo Pression on set of “Se Baila Asi” music video | Courtesy photo

Grupo Pression released the official music video for “Se Baila Así,” the bonus track from their upcoming live concert album Pression Live.

The visual was a collaboration between Pression and music video director Ray Valadez of digiTECH Entertainment.

“We had lots of fun making it,” Pression lead vocalist and accordionist Jesse Garces III told Tejano Nation. “It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes and how much work it really takes to make a high quality video.”

“Se Baila Así” is a cover song with an arrangement that features a fusion of Cumbia and Rock with incredible solos for the accordion, congas and electric guitar and was produced by the group’s Jesse and Jerry Garces.

Pression plan to release their live concert album, Pression Live, soon. Stay up to date on the latest news on Grupo Pression at their official Facebook page, @GrupoPressionOfficial.

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WATCH: “Se Baila Sí” — Grupo Pression




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