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Shelly Lares talks personal goals, recent projects [VIDEO]

Tucson waited anxiously for a performance of Shelly Lares at Club 4th Ave on May 25, sponsored by GFR Entertainment. Tejano Nation contributor DJ Peaches caught up with the Tejano star during soundcheck, watching Lares orchestrating and fine tuning each instrument, giving instruction to the band members. One band member, Tucson’s own Samuel Templeton, from the band Latin Soul, fit right in playing each song perfectly as he has time and time again.

Lares stated how important being healthy and working out is to her. No matter what her schedule, she makes time to work out. She is amazed on how long she has been in the Tejano industry, 35 years to be exact,  stating the industry has been good to her and she has been able to provide for her parents. Her goal has been accomplished, her longevity in the Tejano music industry. The singer praised fans for always supporting all that she does.

The star mentioned her personal goals. Even though she loves Tejano, she has the drive to become a Hospice Nurse and will be starting school at the end of summer. She wears different hats, such as producing, songwriting, and collaborating. A few artists she has collaborated with and mentored, include Crystal Torres, Anjelique, and recently a collaboration with Stevie D.

New projects coming this week will be a collaboration with Rick Fuentes and a tribute album for Jessy Serrata, who passed away last year.

Lares stated she has grown in the last year, as a woman, an artist and is in a very good place in her life.

The singer’s influences features a wide spectrum of music genres, from Kings of Leon and Miranda Lambert, to Glen Miller. In the Tejano genre, she admires internationally known Patsy Torres.

Lares will once again host her “Shelly’s All-American Showcase” at the 2018 Tejano Music National Convention in Las Vegas, August 23-26.

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