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AJ Castillo drops squeezebox cover of Raymix’s ‘Oye Mujer’ [AUDIO]

AJ Castillo dropped a remix cover of “Oye Mujer” on Tuesday, the worldwide cumbia hit from Raymix.  The hit song got an official remix with Latin singer Juanes recently, but Castillo wanted to add his own flavor to the song.

“I thought the original version was super dope, just the vibe alone was fire and I found myself always listening to this song over and over,” Castillo said. “Then I heard Juanes cover it and he added guitar, so I was wondering what the accordion would sound like playing the leads.”

Castillo laid down his vocals and accordion, then sent it off to super producer Gabriel Zavala for his added production skills.

“He laced the beat and laid some bass and bajo sexto,” Castillo said. “A few hours later we had this. Hope you enjoy it!”

Castillo recently released his self-titled album on May 22, but he said he has no plans to release this cover of “Oye Mujer.”

“I didn’t record it to release it as a single,” he said. “I just really like the song and wanted to remix/cover it.”

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LISTEN: “Oye Mujer” (Remix) — AJ Castillo




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