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Michael Salgado releases ‘La Vida En Un Hilo’ out to radio [AUDIO]

A day after releasing a teaser for the music video and upcoming album, Michael Salgado has officially released the full song for the title track, “La Vida En Un Hilo,” out to radio on Tuesday.

The two-time Grammy winner, who recently celebrated the birth of a baby girl with his wife Blanca, said in a press release at the time, the upcoming album, due out May 29, will reflect on special moments of his life.

“The title of the album is due to the delicate situation I had a few months ago,” said Salgado. “But, it will also contain songs that reflect these moments that my wife and I are living with the arrival of Alessandra.”

The 47-year-old singer suffered a stroke during a performance in Austin back in February. Salgado had a medical procedure after the stroke and is doing well.

The official music video for “La Vida En Un Hilo” will be released on May 4, the same day to the single will be available at all digital platforms.

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LISTEN: “La Vida En Un Hilo” — Michael Salgado



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