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Ilyssa returns with new single ‘Ayer’ ft. David Lee Garza [AUDIO]

After a few years away from music, Ilyssa has returned with a new single, “Ayer” featuring David Lee Garza on accordion.

The 27-year-old singer says that her comeback track, written by Joseph “JB” Flores and produced by Severo “Sevy” Contrearas, is relatable to everyone through its lyrics or the song’s danceable beat.

“‘Ayer’ is a song that everyone can relate to whether you connect with the lyrics because you have had your heart broken or because you just feel like dancing to the upbeat tempo featuring David Lee Garza,” Ilyssa told Tejano Nation.

This track marks a return to Tejano for the Best New Female nominee at the 2011 Tejano Music Awards after releasing her debut album, Estoy Contigo, with Q Productions in 2010.

“I love Tejano music and I want to capture the feelings that can be expressed through this music,” said Ilyssa. “Tejano music makes a connection with its listeners because it expresses the different types of feelings people experience everyday such as grief, loss, joy and just sheer happiness.”

Ilyssa took a short break from singing in order to pursue her college degree from the University of Pan American – UT campus followed by a career in teaching.

“Coming back to singing this music, I want to be able to show all of these different types of emotions that myself and others have experienced in their lives through a variety of new rhythms and sounds,” she added. “Just as every emotion is different, the upcoming songs on my CD will show a range of styles that reflect all kinds of feelings and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy.”

“Ayer” will be available soon at all major digital retailers.

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LISTEN: “Ayer” — Ilyssa



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