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Solido release latest single ‘Faltas’ [AUDIO]

After the success of their previous single, “Tu Me Marcas El Ritmo,” across the United States and Mexico, Solido returns with the release of their next hit single “Faltas.”

The romantic cumbia is about telling a woman that you can’t live without her and is the fourth single released from Solido’s latest album No Me Vuelvas A Besar Así.

“Faltas” has all the characteristics of another hit single for Solido, with excellent production, well elaborated musical arrangements, incredible melody, and the unmistakable vocal harmonies of singer Ben DeLeon and percussionist Rolando Benavidez.

“Faltas” is available on all digital platforms and on FreddieStore.com.

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LISTEN: “Faltas” (Snippet) — Solido





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