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Star-studded collaboration featuring Shelly Lares and Stevie D in the works

Starboy Studios’ Michael Lopez and Julia Pizano with Shelly Lares, Joey Jimenez and Eddie Perez | Photo courtesy of Starboy Studios

A photo shared on social media on Thursday has our interest peaked, as a huge collaboration featuring many Tejano stars is in the works.

The photo features Shelly Lares, Siggno drummer Joey Jimenez and producer Eddie Perez of La Calma working on the collaboration in the very first session at the new Starboy Studios in San Antonio, Texas

According to Starboy Studios co-owner Michael Lopez, the collaboration is a duet by Lares and Stevie D.

“Sneak peek at new duet, Stevie D featuring Shelly Lares,” Lopez told Tejano Nation.

Lares expressed her excitement on the duet in a Facebook post on Thursday, “First session down and looking forward to the fans enjoying this duet with me and Stevie D! Super honored to be asked to do this! Love working with my musical brothers and sister!”

Stevie D and Eddie Perez recently teamed up to announce their own record label Steady Music earlier this and they are definitely starting with a huge collaboration that we can’t wait to hear.

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