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Lucky Joe proclaims his love in ‘Hoy Te Debo La Vida’ [AUDIO]

Lucky Joe | Photo: Cheko Tapia

Lucky Joe has released the latest single, “Te Debo La Vida,” from his current album El Triunfador.

The original song, written by Lucky Joe, is about striving to succeed with that special person after losing faith in many things in life.

“You go through trials in life, sometimes you lose faith,” Lucky Joe said about the song. “You lose faith in love, you lose faith in life, and then that one person comes around and totally changes your outlook on life and your whole persona changes. You want to better yourself and you want to strive to succeed.”

The three-time Tejano Music Awards winner married in November 2017 and proposed to his wife after a performance at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in March 2017.

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“I was very fortunate that I met that person that made me want to be a better me, that’s why I wrote that song, ” Lucky Joe added.

Lucky Joe plans to release the official music video for “Hoy Te Debo La Vida” on January 10.

“In the last two years, Lucky Joe has made a significant impact on his career and continues to produce good music,” Freddie Records said in a press release. “‘Hoy Te Debo La Vida’ will be the success that breaks open the doors for this talented artist!”

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