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Tejano 361 drops debut single ‘Yo Quiero Bailar Contigo’ [AUDIO]


New South Texas-based band Tejano 361 released their debut single “Yo Quiero Bailar Contigo” this week, a song written and produced from award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala.

The band’s name represents the area code where the band is from and style of music the band plays, including Tejano, cumbias, and more.  Tejano 361 were formed in 2017 after a July 4 jam session and immediately knew that had to unite as a band.

The band members include accordionist Felix Sanchez III, vocalist Staci Meza Carvajal,  bassist and vocalist Raul A Delgado Jr, bajo/guitarist Edward Aguilar and drummer Ricardo Lerma.

“Yo Quiero Bailar Contigo” is a fun and danceable cumbia that is currently available for download at

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LISTEN: “Yo Quiero Bailar Contigo” — Tejano 361



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