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Vee Gonzalez is ‘sexy and bold’ with new single ‘Muévelo’ [AUDIO]

Vee Gonzalez | Photo by Juan Morin

Tejano newcomer Vee Gonzalez has released her sophomore single, “Muévelo,” her first with new record label MAR Records.

The track was written by Gerardo “Jerry” Alvarez specifically for Gonzalez.

“He wanted me to have a song that represents me,” Gonzalez told Tejano Nation. “‘Muévelo’ is modern and energetic, sexy and bold. It’s who I am! I wanted to do something up beat, yet different, and I think this song says it all!”

The singer and songwriter signed with MAR Records in August and is excited about the future.

“I’m happy to be officially part of MAR Records,” Gonzalez posted on her Facebook page. “I know that Marina Michelle Morales and Gerardo Alvarez are humble people and have my best interest at heart. I’m excited and ready for this journey. Let’s do this!”

South Texas native Gonzalez, who competed on Sabado Gigante in 2010, has been influenced by diverse music styles, including Tejano, Grupero, Banda, Hip-Hop and English ballads. She released her debut single, “Escuchame,” in March.

Gonzalez added this new single is for everyone, “Enjoy being yourself, be bold, fearless, and just feel the rhythm…. Muévelo!”

“Muévelo” will be available at all major digital platforms next week and the official music video will premiere exclusively at Tejano Nation soon.

LISTEN: “Muévelo” — Vee Gonzalez

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