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Vee Gonzalez releases debut single ‘Esuchame’ [AUDIO]


Tejano newcomer Vee Gonzalez has released her debut single “Escuchame.”

South Texas native Gonzalez, who competed on Sabado Gigante in 2010, has been influenced by diverse music styles, including Tejano, Grupero, Banda, Hip-Hop and English ballads.  She has collaborated with many artists, including Grupo Estruendo and former Kumba Kings member Frankie Pangie.

“I found a style I loved,” Gonzalez said. “I’m very versatile…but decided to work the Latin market for the moment.”

“Escuchame” was written by Gonzalez and co-produced by Rodolfo Ramirez, vocalist from Grupo Estruendo.

“He arranged my style and we work together on each song.” Gonzalez told Tejano Nation about working with Ramirez. “He knew what I wanted since I would hum my music to him and he would freak out since I didn’t know how to play an instrument. I would tell him the changes of arrangements. I just hear all my arrangements in my mind.”

Gonzalez plans to release a full album this summer.

LISTEN: “Escuchame” — Vee Gonzalez

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