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Remedio shares teaser of next single ‘Cada Dia’

Remedio | Photo: VMB Music Group

VMB Music Group dropped a teaser of the upcoming single for Remedio, “Cada Dia,” on Tuesday.

The band’s record label shared the video teaser on the official VMB Music Group Facebook page and it features 19 seconds of audio from what is believed to be the lead single for Remedio’s upcoming sophomore album, first with VMB.

The band’s hugely successful debut album, Siempre Cantando, earned them a sweep of the Best New Artist categories at the Tejano Music Awards in 2016. Best New Group for Remedio, as well as Best New Female Artist for vocalist Destiny Navaira and Best New Male Artist for Rigo Navaira.

Destiny Navaira gave details in a recent interview with Tejano Nation about the band’s upcoming sophomore album.

“This album is definitely more progressive, it’s more of our influence,” she said. “I think we’ll always have that Emilio influence, that’s what we grew up with, that’s what we know.”

Destiny added that the album will feature all original songs with some collaborations.

“We had some people come in and work with us that we are just so excited for us,” she said. “It’s a dream for us and the first album, thank God, it did amazing things for us, it opened the door for us. We’re really excited and we hope everyone is ready for our new music.”

“Cada Dia” will be released to all digital platforms on October 17.

VMB Music Group shares teaser of “Cada Dia” from Remedio

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