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David Marez plans new album, gives details on Laura Canales tribute at Tejano Music Awards

David Marez

David Marez is planning to head back to the studio soon for his next album and gave details about his part in the upcoming Laura Canales tribute at this year’s Tejano Music Awards.

Marez, known as “La Voz de Oro,” shared all the details with SCP Radio host DJ Fluffy during an interview after his performance at Tumbleweeds Music Venue in Houston, Texas on October 7.

The Tejano Music Awards will honor Laura Canales, “La Reina de la Onda Tejana,” during this year’s awards show on October 21 in San Antonio with a tribute performance featuring Marez, Leslie Lugo, Destiny Navaira, Di Marie and Jasmin Lopez.

“Me and Leslie Lugo we’re going to to do a duet, so I’m looking forward to that because Laura was a go friend of mine,” Marez said. “Great loss, great, great voice in la onda Tejana, she really was truly the voice of the onda and then Selena naturally came after her.”

The former Royal Jesters vocalist also mentioned when to expect new music and his next album.

“Actually, I’m performing, I’m on tour, but I’m going to get back in the studio and I’m going to record a new CD,” he said. “Because of my schedule, it’s been pretty rough, I haven’t been able to go in, but hopefully by the beginning of next year I’ll have something.”

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WATCH: David Marez interview with SCP Radio


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