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Lucky Joe serenades 6-year-old fan for her birthday [VIDEO]


Lucky Joe surprised a young six-year-old fan with a serenade for her birthday and it was all caught on video.

The clip shared on Facebook shows the young fan, Jolee, on stage celebrating her birthday with classmates, until Lucky Joe shows up on the stage. She had ask for the singer to attend her birthday party.

“I had the pleasure of singing happy birthday to probably one of my youngest fans out there,” Lucky Joe posted while sharing the video. “I have to tell you that I had NEVER BEEN SO NERVOUS in my life when I walked out on to the stage! Seeing all those little faces just looking at me and absorbing every single word I said, it was a great experience! I want to thank jolee’s parents for exposing her to my music and creating another true Lucky Joe FAN!”

The two-time Tejano Music Awards winner sang Jolee’s three favorite songs which she only knows by number from his sophomore album Muchacha Bonita, according to her parents.

#3 “Sin Dolor No Hay Olvido”
#4 “Muchacha Bonita”
#12 “La Extraño Tanto”

“It’s so awesome when our younger generation are exposed to our music and actually enjoy it,” Lucky Joe told Tejano Nation. “She sang along to her favorites and it just blew my mind. Our kids are our future and keeping our culture, tradition and music in their lives is so important to me.”

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