Erick Sanchez provides proof of ownership as battle over Massore name continues

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The battle over the Massore name continues as Erick Sanchez provided documents that he owns the registered trademark to the band’s name.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Erick showed documents that proved he owns all the rights to the Erick Y Grupo Massore name in both Mexico and the United States.  He and the original group, which also features his brothers Miguel Sanchez and Hugo Sanchez, split earlier this year.

“Singing since I was six years old, I have a company called Erick y su Grupo Massore and is legally established,” Erick said during the press conference.

The Sanchez family contends they continue to hold the rights to the band’s name and will continue to use the name.

The family says Massore was founded in June 1996 by the brothers with help of their father, Miguel Angel Sanchez, who came up with the name Massore, after learning of the Arabic word that means money.

Both sides vow to continue to fight over the name Massore until a court decides the outcome or an agreement can be reached.

The Coahuila, Mexico-based band has recorded over a dozen albums that feature huge cumbia hits including “El Baile De Gorilla,” “La Inconforme” and many more.

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