Ram Herrera gives testimony during Tejano Christian concert [VIDEO]

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Ram Herrera performs at KXTN Tejano Thursdays on June 15, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. | KXTN

Ram Herrera gave his testimony during the Labor Day Tejano Christian concert in San Antonio, Texas on September 3.  The Tejano music legend said “it’s great to be alive” and “God has a purpose for me” while speaking on stage about his recent health scare.

The 57-year-old singer was hospitalized for pneumonia and a collapsed lung on July 7. He underwent surgery on July 8 for an infection on his knee and spent a month in the hospital recovering.

“I gave up on God a long time ago, but he never gave up on me and I realize that,” Herrera told the crowd. “Thank you all for your prayers. It got me through that. I was close to death, it’s hard to talk about it, but I know that God had a purpose for me. I’m here to tell you it’s great to be alive. God is great!”

Herrera also mentioned that 20 years ago, he believes God intervened to save him during low point of his personal life during the pinnacle of his successful music career.

“Inside I was empty, I was missing something inside my life,” he said. “I was thinking about ending it all.”

Herrera said a security guard interrupted him while he was sitting in his car and noticed the guard had a gun holster with no gun. The security guard was saving to buy his own gun soon. Herrera handed him the gun and believes it was a sign from up above.

“I know God was there with me that night,” Herrera said. “He sent that angel and saved my life.”

WATCH: Ram Herrera gives testimony at Tejano Christian concert


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