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Sarah Monique shows making of ‘Que Esperabas’ with official music video

Sarah Monique gives a behind the scenes look of the making of “Que Esperabas” with the official music video released on Monday (September 4).

“I truly wasn’t expecting a music video but my amazing label Mar Records surprised me by announcing we would be making a behind the scenes video,” Sarah Monique told Tejano Nation. “We didn’t do a story line on ‘Que Esperabas’, because we thought it would be neat to shoot it in the studio since many don’t get to see how its done.”

The video was filmed at Pro Sound Recording Studio in Mission, Texas.

“The environment and the team involved made this video so comfortable I loved and enjoyed every moment,” she added. “Everyone did an amazing job and I’m so thankful and honored to be working with a great team! Mar Records has truly shown their love, passion and dedication towards their work and artists and it’s a big honor and blessing to be working alongside them!”

“Que Esperabas” is the debut single for Sarah Monique with her new record label MAR Records and is available now at all digital platforms.  It was written by Zoila Estrella Solis and produced by Gerardo Alvarez, renowned composer, musician and producer.

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