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Tejano Highway 281 releases ‘Celoso’ featuring Roel Martinez [AUDIO]


Tejano Highway 281 released their new single “Celoso” featuring Roel Martinez, formerly of Grupo Rodeo, on Tuesday (Aug. 15).

“Celoso” is the third release from the band’s long awaited new album Mirame A Los Ojos, released on August 1.

The song is the follow-up to the hit single “Aguita De Melon” featuring David Lee Garza, Oscar “Wowee” Montemayor and Martinez.

“Celoso” and the album Mirame A Los Ojos are available now at the Tejano Nation Amazon Store and all digital retailers.

LISTEN: “Celos” — Tejano Highway 281 ft. Roel Martinez

1 comment on “Tejano Highway 281 releases ‘Celoso’ featuring Roel Martinez [AUDIO]

  1. My brothers in arms listen to tejano music on the net when we get a chance and because of our continued DISAPPOINTMENT, felt we HAD to finally send a note to someone who can pass on our message.
    DUDE, wtf?? YOU and the others actually give these bands props. We understand that there is a lack of options of GOOD “artists” in this genre, but you and the people would be begging for BETTER music. It just might make the “producers” and labels give a poop about making the genre more RESPECTFUL. The “song” about a turtle is POOP. AND, its this band and most others are just re-hashing older songs, “aguita de melon”, really, its poop. I’m trying not to vulgar thats why the choice of words. In most, music and lyrics DON”T even mesh. And the “artists” who do english country music, pass this on PLEASE, why not at least try to record original material. If i and my friends are being harsh, you should listen to what the guys say about the re-hash. We bet there are a lot of really good song writers with original and better material. tejano and country, but they are not looked for or given a chance. Oh, andI almost forgot to mention that song about a wife or girlfriend who is always going out and comes home like she got gang bagged, I forget the name and the “artists” name, we can’t believe it gets ANY kind of recognition, its POOP, really, REALLY, poop.
    Awards should NOT be just GIVEN away, it makes the “artists” and labels believe that its good and work to put out actual GOOD material.The tejano genre is being scoffed at by the mainstream and its yours and the peoples and the labels FAULT. Yes, critics like you and the labels have that kind of “power”. You, the radio stations and the labels make or break artists and some, If not most, should be broken and THROWN out. And as for the older artists ( ramiro, jay, gary) to name a few, should maybe just retire already. We hit the computer (when we can), and its always the same “artists”, the “new” ones are just putting out TRASH.
    Anyway, thats our two cents, why? Why so harsh? We really get tired of the mocking from people when we try to listen to “our” music, not to mention embarrassing. Hopefully ALL of us will get back, someday, and wold like to see, and hear, a change, and for the better of TEJANO MUSIC.
    Signed, TEJANOS in uniform.


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