A.B. Quintanilla agrees to pay $130,000 in child support, remains in jail

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A.B. Quintanilla

A.B. Quintanilla made an appearance at a court hearing on Wednesday to address non-payment of child support in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Grammy winner agreed to pay $130,000 in back child support, attorney’s fees and medical expenses, but was remanded into the Nueces County jail by the judge.

District Judge Missy Medary ruled he be taken into custody, and asked him to consider his responsibilities as a parent during his time in jail.

“I cannot make you a dad,” Medary said. “I cannot make you an emotional father. I cannot make you emotionally there for your son. I cannot make you physically there for your son. But I can make you financially responsible for your son and that is what I’m going to do today.”

During the hearing Wednesday, Quintanilla agreed to pay the money he owes, which includes $87,000 in backpay, $45,000 from a previous ruling and additional medical expenses, according to court officials.

“I am going to have you sit in the jail, and I want you to think about two things,” Medary told Quintanilla during the court hearing.  “I want you to think about your responsibility as a father, and I want you to think of the rights of your child.”

Quintanilla was placed into protective custody without bond and could be held in jail for up to 6 months. Medary told Quintanilla she would bring him back to the courtroom at a later date to discuss whether he should continue to “remain in the Nueces County Jail” or if he “understands what it is to be a father.”

WATCH: A.B. Quintanilla Ordered Into Custody



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