A.B. Quintanilla says ‘I am a victim of a misunderstanding’ in child support case

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A.B. Quintanilla made headlines this past week, when he was placed in the top 10 for the Nueces County Sherrif’s Office most wanted list on July 31 for contempt of court non-payment of child support.

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The 53-year-old musician says he is a victim of a misunderstanding, according to an interview with TV Y Novelas.

“It is a misunderstanding among the people involved,” Quintanilla said. “People are thinking I’m a criminal and it makes me laugh, because when everything is cleared up they are going to be left with their mouths open.”

The Grammy winner, who currently lives in Miami, Florida, says he doesn’t know why he made the Top 10 Most Wanted List.

“Putting myself in the top ten is totally unfair. There are people who have killed other people…that I do not deserve,” he said. “Mine is a family court case and I’m in with other people who have done bad things.”

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According to the Office of the Texas Attorney General, Quintanilla owes more than $87,000 in back child support, as of July 2017. When asked about the case the Kumbia Kings co-founder says, “I can not say much but I promise that everything will be arranged in court. It’s like a puzzle that is not seen right now because it’s in pieces. I’m going to court and I’m going to say my things.”

Read the full interview with A.B. Quintanilla and TV Y Novelas.


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