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Los Amigos ASG drop hot new cumbia ‘Luna Dile’ [AUDIO]

Los Amigos ASG

Los Amigos ASG released their first official single of 2017 with the upbeat cumbia “Luna Dile,” a cover of the hit “Muriendo De Amor” from Peruvian band Corazón Serrano.

“I decided to reproduce this song in our own way,” Los Amigos ASG member and producer Phillip Garcia told Tejano Nation. “This is an upbeat, get up and dance kinda song, but with a small story in the lyrical content at the same time.”

The band from Cuero, Texas, have decided to go back to their original sound after experimenting with their last album Next Level, released in February 2016.

“We have decided to go back to who we are in this single, and our upcoming singles to come,” Garcia said. “On our last album we tried mellowing our sound down for certain radio programs, just to give it a try. The album was a great piece of art from head to toe, but I think our fans wanted our dancing music style back. We as artist can’t please everyone, but we will make sure to please our fans first.”

Even though Los Amigos ASG are known for their cumbia hits, Garcia says the band has a versatile style.

“Some people call us a Cumbia band, but we’re not,” said Garcia. “Please consider us your Tejano variety kinda band, because our next single will be an original Tejano Ranchera. We’ll keep them coming and keep on dancing Raza.”

“Luna Dile” is expected to fulfill the vibe for your summer outings and will be available at all digital platforms on June 14.

LISTEN: “Luna Dile” — Los Amigos ASG

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