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Newcomer Lydia Castillo releases debut single ‘Me Quede Llorando’ [AUDIO]

Lydia Castillo | Facebook photo

Singer and songwriter Lydia Castillo has arrived on the Tejano music scene with the release of her debut single “Me Quede Llorando” this month.

The San Antonio native is following her dreams of a music career, while juggling her very busy schedule of work, school and raising three children.

The 42-year-old singer with a strong voice and passion for music, believes music is food for the soul.

“Sometimes you can not talk about your problems or pain, and through music you can heal,” Castillo says of her favorite quote.

Throughout her life she has used music to heal herself from the tragedies she has experiences and wants to do the same for others with her music.

“Me Quede Llorando,” written by Buddy Vargas and produced by Mario Gonzales., is just the beginning for Castillo as she’s currently working on a sophomore single and looking forward to releasing an entire album.

LISTEN: “Me Quede Llorando” — Lydia Castillo


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