Elsa Garcia takes to social media to support new Tejano artists [VIDEO]

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Tejano music legend Elsa Garcia took to social media to speak on the lack of support for new Tejano artists.

The Grammy nominated and award winning singer posted a video to her official Facebook page on Saturday (April 8) and she says opportunities for today’s new Tejano talent aren’t as prevalent today as it was when she began her journey in music.

Garcia, also known as La Primera Dama del Tex-Mex, was listening to the radio while driving in Houston and noticed the need for more Tejano radio and support for new Tejano music and artists.

“What’s going on with Tejano,” she asked in the video. “So much new talent out there, good music that needs to be heard. No Tejano stations for these young hungry musicians and entertainers to promote their stuff. Our new talent deserves more than this, so I hope new Tejano stations come up and help our new talent.”

There are very few radio stations today that air the Tejano music formats as compared to years past when Garcia’s music was playing on the airwaves. Most radio companies these days don’t see Tejano music as a viable format because of a lack of support of advertisers for the music format. But, the trend has been changing lately.  Tejano Nation radio affiliates like Q99.5 in San Angelo and La Voz 93.3 in Abilene, recently started to broadcast the Tejano format within the last two years.  Fierro 107.5-2 HD in the Metroplex (Dallas / Fort Worth) and Al Cien 104.7 in Laredo started the Tejano music format within the past few months, with rumors of more stations coming on air soon.

Tejano Nation and our radio affiliates continue to support new Tejano artists and music and has become the #1 source to discover new Tejano music. Check out the latest music anytime here.

Is there enough support for new Tejano artists and music? Let us know in the comments below.

WATCH:  Elsa Garcia – “What’s Going On With Tejano?”

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