Manager of Joe Lopez responds to victim’s recent television interview

Sandra Trevino, the manager of former Tejano singer and Mazz co-founder Joe Lopez, responded via social media after the victim's recent TV interview.

Joe Lopez / Courtesy photo

Sandra Trevino, the manager of former Tejano singer and Mazz co-founder Joe Lopez, responded via social media after the victim in the case announced she is asking for a re-vote to the parole board to overturn Lopez’s recent parole approval.

“As you all are very well aware the Media has decided to make a story regarding the alleged victim, ” Trevino posted on Facebook on Wednesday. “During our Press Release we refrained from speaking to that part of the story simply as they are all fabricated lies! TEAM LOPEZ will not support non-factual evidence to play a role in anyone’s chance to FAME due to spitefulness, hatefulness, mental disturbance, greed, extortion, and fried brain as a result of extensive drug use, these are all facts! We ask that no one share the Houston interview that is part of Joe Lopez supporters! We r fighting back as I am sending this post, continue to pray for Joe and the Lopez family during this trying time!”

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According to an interview with Houston TV station ABC13, Krystal Lopez says she didn’t know that Joe Lopez was granted parole until she heard about it.

Krystal Lopez, who was just 13 when she was raped and now 26, will meet with the parole board this month to request the re-vote.

Joe Lopez, the former lead singer and co-founder of Grupo Mazz, was sentenced to 32 years for the crime in 2006. Twenty of those years were concurrent. He’s served ten of them and the parole board just granted him parole on January 6.

Despite the parole, Lopez remains behind bars as the Grammy winning singer must complete a four month sex offender course, a condition of his parole.

Joe Lopez has always maintained his innocence on all the charges.

Facebook / Sandra Trevino

3 comments on “Manager of Joe Lopez responds to victim’s recent television interview

  1. Something interesting was said in the press conference given by family members, the person who is imprisoned comes out the same age as they went in. I find it ironic that in some cases, the victim also stays stuck in the age the abuse happened. They are not in prison themselves but imprisoned in their own minds. They are faced with living and being stuck in that time of abuse. The abuser serves their time and goes on with their lives as the abused lives with the scares forever. What a tragic thing to happen to a child and a tragic thing to happen to such a talented person. Both their lives get filled with chaos one by their own decisions and the other by the decisions in the adult they trusted.
    Visit for information about how victims deal with their tragic events, etc. and other statistics that may help people understand.


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