Joe Lopez approved for parole

Joe Lopez / Courtesy photo
Joe Lopez / Courtesy photo

Joe Lopez, the former singer and co-founder of Grupo Mazz in the 1970s, has been approved for parole, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website.

The TDCJ website says that Lopez was approved for parole on January 6. He will transfer to a Sex Offender Education Program (SOEP) and release to parole after completion and not earlier than four months from January 2017.

The news was confirmed by Lorenzo Lopez, Joe’s brother, in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that the board of parole committee has voted in our favor,” Lorenzo Lopez wrote. “Our attorney will make a press release this coming week. And with our heavenly Father by our side, we’ll have Joe Lopez back home again.until then thank you so much for all of your support /Prayers and always being by my brother and our family.”

The 66-year-old singer has been in prison since 2006 when the he was convicted on multiple sex offense charges involving a minor.  He was sentenced to a total of 32 years in prison, but because he will serve the sentences concurrently, they amount to 20 years in prison. His full prison term would end on October 27, 2026.

The Lopez family has always maintained the former singer’s innocence on the charges.

Tejano Nation will have more details as they become available.

7 comments on “Joe Lopez approved for parole

  1. Hopefully he received some type of rehabilitation for his desire for children. This is a serious issue. Thankfully he will be monitored and have to register as a sex offender. The state has said he’s done his time and their opinion is that there is little to no danger in letting out this offender. If there was any doubt whether Lopez was guilty of molesting his neice they need not wonder anymore. In order to be released you must admit to your crime and show remorse. Apparently he admitted to raping/ molesting of the neice. I pray she’s received the emotional and mental health she needed as well.


    • It’s as clear to everyone outside of your opinions, that there is a monstrosity of complicitness playing behind the scenes in J.Lopez’s case. The during trial, before trial, after trial, to this day. Do not think for a minute it won’t come out. The ex wife had motives beyond comprehension, to the point of using her daughter, his money, properties, were wearing a hole in her head. Gaining what other people work hard for, is never a virtue, “IT IS THEFT”. That personal animosity, very short lived enrichment off anothers back deserves redress in law, and the laws are there in place to deal with the situation. You my dear friend need to not be writing ghostly untruths, you do not want to be held in unison of the aforementioned. It is all going to come out. The strength of people outside of you desiring to correct the illegality of your illicit backstabbing lost soul, will cost you in court. You took a bite of the apple, and we all agree your mouth was too big, and took a larger bite than you could take. Keep up, your shenanigans, we’ll see you in court. I only ask you keep writing your lies, it’ll make my court issues with you more simplified. For that I’m thankful you, that you do have a big mouth. I speak freely at free will to you in response to Joe Lopez. He will be vindicated, yes the process is long, but just like Armando Villalobos fell due to his coniving, lying, illicit behavior, so will you, all I ask is please keep up your vocalizing greatness. I love a good fight in court, but you make my day with your continual running it. Good Day.


    • I’m sure that you’ve heard of the saying ” PAY BACK IS A MOTHER F@#$%^ ” per say … People like you are the reason that COUNTLESS #’s of innocent people get ” PUT AWAY ” for something that they ” DID NOT DO ” … Thieving, conniving, MONEY HUNGRY people ” like you ” are the one’s that are ALWAYS making this state go into a deficit by having incarcerated causing the state to have to pay the REAL criminal by so many being exonerated and MAKING the state pay them $80,000 PER YEAR { in Joe’s case he will be AWARDED $800,000 for his 10 years } because YOU ALL ” TEACH & COACH ” ANY person on how to get what ” THEY ” want by telling them EXACTLY how to use ANYTHING & EVERYTHING at their ” disposal ” to get what THEY WANT … You all think of NOTHING MORE other than getting what YOU WANT, TO HELL whom or what get’s hurt and MAKING THE INNOCENT ” LOSE ” a good chunk of their lives TAKEN by ” People ??? ” like you … Not just that but by Slandering their name and making the innocent be MARKED as something something that he / she is not …


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