Family of Joe Lopez gives more details about singer’s parole approval [VIDEO]

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Just days after the news of a parole approval for Tejano singer Joe Lopez was announced, the Lopez family and his attorney held a press conference to give more details on the singer’s parole.

Lopez, one of the greatest Tejano singers and co-founder of Grupo Mazz, will receive probation after 10 years in prison on sexual abuse charges against a minor.

In 2006, the Tejano singer was sentenced to 32 years behind bars in a prison in Rosharon, Texas. Lopez claims to be innocent and there are many who support him, which is why a group of supporters gathered outside the Cameron County courthouse in August to ask the district attorney to review the case.

Thanks to the singer’s good behavior, he is expected to go on parole in May and his lawyers point out that once he is out of prison they will deny much of what was said in the first trial and will release new details about the case.

The Lopez family held a press conference in the city of Brownsville, Texas, where his attorney Bill Habern, his sister Alma Lopez, his brother Lorenzo Lopez and his manager Sandra Treviño, gave more details on the singer’s parole proceedings.

After leaving jail, Joe Lopez must remain a year away from the stage but as soon as he can, he seeks to return to music.

Because of his celebrity status, it was deemed unsafe for Lopez to be put in general population in prison and spent most of his time by himself. Lopez was allowed a guitar and was able to compose 180 new songs during his time in prison.

The Lopez family took the opportunity to give a message to fans of Joe Lopez, that he will always thank them for their support.

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3 Comments on Family of Joe Lopez gives more details about singer’s parole approval [VIDEO]

  1. Something interesting was said in this press conference, the person who is imprisoned comes out the same age as they went in. I find it ironic that in some cases, the victim also stays stuck in the age the abuse happened. They are not in prison themselves but imprisoned in their own minds. They are faced with living and being stuck in that time of abuse. The abuser serves their time and goes on with their lives as the abused lives with the scares forever. What a tragic thing to happen to a child and a tragic thing to happen to such a talented person. Both their lives get filled with chaos one by their own decisions and the other by the decisions in the adult they trusted.


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