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Anjelique releases ‘No Pienses En Volver’ official video

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Anjelique released the official video for “No Pienses En Volver,” the duet with Esteven Cerda, on Friday (Aug. 19).

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The visual for the singer’s latest hit was filmed by Ryan Bazan at La Rancho Mission in San Antonio.

“What an amazing experience to work with Ryan Bazan once again,” Anjelique told Tejano Nation. “He captured exactly what we wanted the video to portray. Words can’t express how proud I am of Sweet City Band, Joey the media man, and all the fans and people who continue to support Anjelique Music including our dedicated fans and new fans we have been making everyday! This one (video) is for them, the fans who have our back through the ups and downs of being in the music industry.”

The upbeat cumbia with a catchy melody, written by Cerda, mixes together the Tejano flavor of Anjelique and The Sweet City Band with Cerda’s accordion riffs, giving it a hint of a Regional feel.

“This was a song that was fun to record,” said Anjelique. “When we laid the first tracks down in the studio it began to evolve all on its own. We hope to portray the musical diversity that Anjelique and Sweet City Band has with this song. Esteven and I have sang next to each other for years and we have fun backing each other up vocally. Also, even though this song is about ‘arguing in a relationship,’ I hope it brings the feeling of its okay to turn the page to the next chapter when it comes to being in an unhappy relationship. I’ve read before, ‘sometimes it hurts more to hold on than let go’.”

The track was recorded at Slack Monster Studios with Severo “Sevy” Contreras of Texas Latino behind the mixing board, with production and guidance from Little Miss Dynamite herself, Shelly Lares and smooth melodious strings from Jimmy Garcia.

“No Pienses en Volver” is available on CDBABY,  iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and many other digital distributors as well as her official website,

WATCH: “No Pienses En Volver” – Anjelique ft. Esteven Cerda

1 comment on “Anjelique releases ‘No Pienses En Volver’ official video

  1. Hey I really like the video and the song. West Texas in the HOUSE!!! Great job guys!


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