Elida Reyna Y Avante heading to studio to follow-up hit album ‘Adicta’

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff
Freddie Records | Facebook
Freddie Records | Facebook

Elida Reyna Y Avante are heading back to the studio next week to work on the follow-up to last year’s hit album Adicta.

According to Freddie Records, the Latin Grammy winning group will be in Legends Sounds Studios next week working on their next project.

“Elida and the band, along with album producer Lalo Reyna, have been hard at work selecting songs for their new project. Initial production is already under way. Stay tuned for more updates and interviews direct from the studio next week,” the legendary record label posted on their Facebook page on Tuesday.

EYA’s 2015 album Adicta was very successful, spawning many hit singles, including the title track “Adicta,” “Bajo De Las Estrellas,” and “Amor De Una Madre.”

Tejano Nation will keep you updated on EYA’s next project, just keep checking back at for updates on the recording process.


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