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Masizzo returns with new single, ‘Sigue Tu Camino’ [AUDIO]

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Masizzomasizzosiguetucamino has returned with one of the most anticipated new singles in Tejano music. “Sigue Tu Camino” is the new track from the band that has returned with the original band members.

“In a lot of ways we are starting over, so we want to say thanks to all of you who’ve stuck around, and to all of you new fans, welcome,” Masizzo posted on Twitter.

Original members Johnny Lee Rosas, Albert Ramirez, Bryan Ramirez and Danny Martinez have returned for this new production from legendary record label Freddie Records.

Masizzo returned to the stage together for the first time in 15 years this past week with a performance in Bryan, Texas on May 13.

“Thank you to all our faithful supporters who continue to support us,” the band posted on their official Facebook page. “What we do is for the love of music, but more than anything, for the love we have towards you.”

“Sigue Tu Camino” is available now for digital download from your favorite online retailers.

LISTEN: “Sigue Tu Camino” by Masizzo

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