Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in San Antonio Area

Timberwood Park is one of the safest neighborhoods in San Antonio. (YouTube)

Timberwood Park s one of the Top 10 safest neighborhoods in San Antonio. (YouTube)

What are the Top 10 safest neighborhoods in the Tejano Music Capital of the World?

I recently moved to San Antonio to help Tejano Nation grow in promoting and preserving Tejano music and culture, with business connections and networking with Tejano artists, promoters and more.  I will soon be looking at neighborhoods for my permanent home and with my family, it’s always great to find a safe neighborhood with great schools and amenities. With that being said, every big city is going to have crime within it – sadly, it’s an inevitable feature of our civilization. San Antonio’s has a population of almost 2 million, the Alamo City is the 27th largest community in the nation, so there’s bound to be some crime, right?

With the help of Neighborhood Scout I found that San Antonio has a higher rate of violent crimes (1-in-186) than the national and state median (1-in-246). Property crime is relatively high with a 1-in-18 chance occurring in San Antonio while there’s a 1-for-33 chance for the rest of Texas.

With those statistics in mind, Scout was able to pinpoint the safest neighborhoods in San Antonio.

1. Smithson Valley Rd/Laurie Michelle
2. FM Road 2696 / Midnight Drive
3. Timberwood Park
4. Route 211/ Route 16
5. Scenic Oaks
6. FM Road 2696 / Wilderness Oak
7. Cross Mountain
8. FM 1560 N / W FM 471
9. W FM 471 / Gass Road
10. E. Borgfield Drive / Dal Cin Drive

It looks like I’ll be looking at these neighborhoods for my future home.

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