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Jesse Turner offers advice to new artists performing at TMA Fan Fair

Jesse Turner accepts a Tejano Music Award at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2016. (Facebook)

Every year the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair gives new artists a chance to perform in front of thousands of Tejano fans from all over the world. On Sunday, Siggno front man Jesse Turner offered up some advice to up and coming artists performing at this year’s TMA Fan Fair.

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A day after Siggno made a surprise performance at TMA Fan Fair and accepting the band’s four 2015 Tejano Music Awards, Turner dedicated a post on his official Facebook page to the artists that performed in the early afternoon during TMA Fan Fair.

“To all those bands that played early in the afternoon, we were there many years ago,” Turner wrote. “If you made mistakes on your instrument or you feel like you could’ve done better, you can….but don’t beat yourself over it. Enjoy the moment and don’t compete….just make music because you have a passion for it and focus on what you feel when you sing or play. You guys did amazing….now remember the key to all this is to do it because you love music. Music is a celebration of life. We are not above you, we are with you…. God Bless.”

Siggno were founded in 2000 and released their first full-length album debut with Al Principio in 2001.  Turner picked up the band’s first Tejano Music Award in 2011 with “Male Vocalist of the Year” and won the award again the following year, as the band picked up “Tejano Album Of The Year” for Lo Que Me Dejaste in 2012.

WATCH: Siggno makes surprise performance at 2016 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair

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