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Megan Chapa releases third single from debut album ‘Mi Diario’ [AUDIO]

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megan-laotraMazmorra Records artist Megan released the third single, “La Otra,” from her debut album, Mi Diario, on Monday.

“Well this song will really hit home with a lot of women for sure,” Megan told Tejano Nation. “We have all been hurt and betrayed in one way or another.”

The track was written and produced by Mazmorra Records co-founder and Siggno member Richard Rosales.

“I have to say that he really made this song magic,” Megan said. “Like I’ve said before I really just want my music to touch people’s hearts and understand that I’ve been through certain situations in life that can relate to them as well and it’s always a blessing being able to create something magical and especially a video that can portray the hurt, the sadness, the happiness during these difficult times!! I’m really hoping everyone will enjoy my new video and single.”

The visual for the latest single is currently in production and will debut soon on

Megan’s debut album, released in March 2015, has already produced the hit singles, “Ella O Yo” and “No La Voy Hacer.” The album is available for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store just click here.

“I want to thank everyone for their support in my music, especially my husband, family, friends, DJ’s and radio stations, booking staff of Tesoro Music Entertainment, Ray and Yvette Cantu, and everyone involved in my album Mi Diario,” Megan added. “Jacob Turner who played the accordion for the whole album, my two other awesome songwriters Isaac Rodriguez and Mariano Herrera, my makeup artist Alannah Davis, and last but not least my Record Label for taking me in and believing in me, Richard Rosales , and Roland (Bones) Sabedra of Mazmorra Records!! None of this would have ever been possible without them taking a chance on me!!! Love you guys!!”

LISTEN: “La Otra” by Megan

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